H2Genesys HHO/Browns Gas

Oxyhydrogen & Hydrogen Generator

The most value and versatility combined into a single hydrogen generator you will ever find.

Safe, Effective & Most Affordable

The H2 Genesys HHO is an Oxyhydrogen/Hydrogen Generator.   There are hundreds of research papers that explain the benefits of molecular hydrogen and all the health benefits it can provide.  The H2Genesys, takes it to another level by providing additional health benefits involving oxygen and free electrons.

The  gas output of the H2Genesys HHO is produced through electrolysis (The splitting of water molecules with electricity into its counterparts).  

This gas produced by the H2Genesys HHO is also known as:

  • Oxyhydrogen
  • Brown’s Gas
  • Hydroxy
  • HHO & HOH. 

Oxyhydrogen is a Rydberg Gas Cluster made up of a variety of molecules and gaseous elements including:

  • H2: Diatomic Hydrogen
  • O2: Diatomic Oxygen
  • HOH: Electric Steam, Electrically Charged/Expanded Water. Water with additional electrons
  • Water Vapor
  • Small amounts of:
    • Monatomic Hydrogen H+
    • Monatomic Oxygen  O-

H2Genesys Generators have multiple use cases:

  • Therapeutic Inhalation of Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen Enriched Water for drinking
  • Direct application of gas to body parts
    • Spraying, cupping or bagging to contain gas over treated area
    • H2 Insufflation
  • Direct application of hydrogen water 
    • Cloth soaked in H2 water placed over area of treatment
    • Hydrogen foams applied to skin
    • H2 water foot baths & H2 water bathing
      H2 water enemas
 A therapeutic dose of Molecular Hydrogen used in studies is usually between 120ml to 240ml of hydrogen per minute.  The H2Genesys HHO produces as much as 722ml of hydrogen gas per minute.  Easily enough hydrogen gas to allow 2 to 3 people to breathe simultaneously with the included air splitter.   Couples often share the use of our machines while relaxing in bed.
Specifications at Maximum Power:
  • Max Power Consumption: 300 Watts
  • Total Gas Production Measured:  65 Liters per hour HHO or 1100ml/min
  • Hydrogen Gas (H2): 722ml/minute (enough for 2-3 people to inhale simultaneously with included airsplitter)
  • Oxygen Gas (O2): 361ml/minute
  • Internal Water Volume:  ~ 1.1 liters
  • Usable Water Volume: ~0.7 liters
  • Run time at full power: ~21.7 hours using 0.7 liters
  • 1 Liter distilled water provides:  ~28.6 hours run time
  • 1 Gallon distilled water provides: ~108.3 hours run time

Control Panel

  • Adjustable Power Output between 0%-100%
  • Adjustable Frequency Output between 0Hz-150kHz
Note the “~” symbol used above means Approximately

Our guarantee assures you we stand behind our product.

Your Satisfaction is our #1 Priority


Additional Benefits of Oxyhydrogen Gas Produced by the H2Genesys HHO

Oxyhydrogen contains all the benefits of Hydrogen plus the benefits of Oxygen and Electrically Charged Water.  


There are many healing modalities that focus solely on providing oxygen to the body.  Cancer is said to thrive in environments that lack oxygen.  You may have heard of hyperbaric oxygen chambers, where people enclose themselves in a chamber that is near 100% saturated with oxygen.  This has many healing effects by itself but the body can only take this in short duration treatments as high concentrations of oxygen over a long period of time can become toxic for the body.

The therapeutic use of Oxyhydrogen contains between 1% to 2% more additional oxygen than what you breathe in the air. Normal air has about  21% oxygen content so this would bring the recommended volume of Oxyhydrogen gas to about 22 or 23% oxygen.   So just as periodic use of Hydrogen is beneficial, you can’t help but expect the periodic slight increase in oxygen is also beneficial for your health.

Free Electrons

Oxyhydrogen provides free electrons (energy) mimicking what Earthing/Grounding can do.

Your body is essentially an electrical machine, nearly every cellular process can be traced back to the movement of electrons.  The process of electrolysis uses electricity to break about water molecules into its components of Hydrogen and Oxygen.  In the process not all water molecules reach a high enough energic state to break this bond.  Some water molecules actually end up absorbing some electrical energy in the form of 2 additional electrons.  This state of water is theorized to actually be a gaseous phase of electrically expanded water with a lower density than normal water.  More details on this different state of water can be found here in the PDF entitled Plasma Orbital Expansion of the Electrons in Water.   When this less dense gaseous version of water is created, it rises up to the top of the electrolyte solution and escapes as a gas before the H2O can be split into its counterparts.  This negatively charged water molecule helps deliver much needed healing electrons to the body.  Other healing modalities that focus on delivering electrons to the body are called Earthing and Grounding. 

Earthing or Grounding

The idea behind Earthing/Grounding is that we evolved as beings walking barefoot and in contact with the Earth.  The earth has a negative charge and the atmosphere is positively charged, this charge difference allows electrons to be pulled up from the ground into our bodies for utilization.  Nowadays we spend so much time insulated from the ground it’s no wonder that this lack of electrons can cause disease and healing modality that can provide our bodies with more healing energetic electrons should definitely be considered.  There are many scientific studies indicating that being in direct contact with the Earth is very healing and has a noticeable positive effect on the body.

How the H2Genesys HHO Generator Compares

Why is the H2Genesys the best solution for anyone interested in Hydrogen/Oxyhydrogen Therapy?

The short answer is: Many devices do not produce enough hydrogen to be effective and many that do are incredibly more expensive. The H2Genesys HHO produces what is considered to be a therapeutic dose of hydrogen/oxyhydrogen for 2 people at a time. Most commercial devices sold now are “hydrogen only” devices and miss out on the additional benefits Oxyhydrogen gas has to offer. What we have created with the H2Genesys HHO is the perfect balance of benefits, features and simplicity that result in the most functional unit at a most affordable price.

How do pure hydrogen PEM machines compare to the H2Genesys HHO?

Most pure hydrogen generators out there use a solid Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) in place of an electrolyte solution of water and Sodium Hydroxide. These PEM systems are generally tend to be a little expensive and some claim they do not produce electrically charged water molecules (Electrically expanded Water ExW). The H2Genesys HHO produces electrically expanded water because the electrolysis is done in a liquid electrolyte solution as opposed to using a conductive membrane.

Using an Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) meter you can measure negative charges on water treated by either type of machine.  The pure H2 Machines tend to have a more negative reading which can be considered a good thing.  

The PEM use pure distilled water without the need for a electrolye solution like the HHO version need.  More care must be used when mixing and changing the NaOH electrolyte solution but the NaOH can be readily found locally.   PEM machines use distilled water and normally include a special bag of pellets inside the reservoir that needs to be changed every 6 months.  The pellets abosob  any impurities in the distilled water.   This is not very expensive but something that can not be found locally in most cases.  

Both Pure PEM H2 and HHO  generators have pros and cons but both produce very similar results.  In the end it comes down to preference, costs and preferred maintenance styles.

How do Molecular Hydrogen producing Magnesium Tablets compare to the H2Genesys HHO?

There is one more way to get a dose of molecular hydrogen worth mentioning. That is, magnesium tablets that react with water to produce magnesium and hydrogen gas. The way they work is this; you drop a tablet into water and the magnesium reacts with water producing small hydrogen bubbles in the process. People do report benefits from drinking this water but from my experience breathing the gas directly provides 80% to 90% more benefits. So you would be missing out on the best part if you only drink H2 water.

The business perspective of the H2 Magnesium tables is to get you ordering a $50 bottle of these pills every month. Though sometimes this could be more convenient, you would have to keep paying forever not to mention miss out on the benefits of molecular hydrogen inhalation. You simply can’t get the same amount of molecular hydrogen from drinking as you can from breathing. How much hydrogen do you think could dissolve in 1 liter of water? Certainly only a fraction of one liter. The H2Genesys produces as much as 1 liter per minute for inhalation. You do not have to be a mathematician to understand which delivery mechanism provides more molecular hydrogen. Of course we recommend drinking molecular hydrogen water produced by the H2Genesys as well. It is just not practical in the long run to reap the full benefits by drinking water alone, not to mention the monthly costs of using tablets.

What safety features does the H2Genesys HHO have?

Hydrogen is flammable in air at concentrations of over 4.6% so it is important to avoid sparks or flames and be able to adjust the volume of gas being produced. The H2Genesys has a control panel which allows you to adjust the gas volume output. Another display panel allows you to monitor the actual power being consumed by the electrolyzer so you can more accurately determine a safe level of gas for breathing. This also helps assess the working condition. Other systems may provide a way to adjust the power but not monitor the output so closely.

We provide 2 external water bubbler scrubbers where other systems may provide 1 or none. These external bubblers help purify the gases even further. We have noted that two does make a difference and having easy external access to them makes it easy to change the water in them periodically.

Internally the H2Genesys has an electronic shut off if the pressure rises too high but before that is even triggered, our pressure fitted tower cap pops off when it passes the slighted bit over normal operating pressure.. This provides a failsafe mechanical release of pressure other devices do not have.

We have seen competition devices fail with explosions resulting from a kinked line and a buildup of pressure. This situation is impossible with the H2Genesys. The H2Genesys safety mechanisms are both simple and easy. This reduces the complexity, costs and potential future problems other devices often have.e

The H2Genesys has the best balance of features, simplicity and cost. It took a lot of experimenting

Before we created the H2Genesys, we had already spent several years building and experimenting with Oxyhydrogen units for other use cases. Even with that experience it took us time to develop a system that we felt comfortable using for personal health and more time before we felt comfortable offering it to the public at a price that made sense.

One of the reasons we can provide this device at such a great price is we’ve simplified the devices while maintaining quality and features. We now also buy parts in quantity to get our costs down so we can pass the savings on to you.

Initially our plan was to create sell plans to make your own oxyhydrogen generator but the electronics,soldering, tuning, adjusting and the wiring were too much of a challenge and in some cases dangerous. Clients needed much more support than we could provide.

By the time an end user bought the parts at retail prices plus the tools needed to complete the project, their cost was over what we could sell a fully built retail quality unit for. It’s no surprise that when buying parts in quantity and after building several units, the whole process gets more efficient. Not everyone is handy and if you value your time, There is a learning process that goes along with building such a machine. Between sourcing parts, metal cutting, rewiring, soldering, machining etc., it would take an end user 10 times as long as it was taking us to make them given the experience we have gained. Not to mention the quality of user built units was lacking as home building users often cut corners. In a few cases, clients started the process of ordering parts and home building and in the end gave up and just bought a ready made unit from us.

The whole idea with the H2Genesys project was to get as many people feeling the benefits as possible. The best way ended being us building and selling completed units. Most people seem to want a turn key solution at a fair price and that is exactly what we have been able to provide.

Incredible Easy to Use

If you can use a coffee maker you can use the H2Genesys. We provide online documentation which is always being updated. The unit is shipped in 2 boxes and can be assembled in just minutes.

The electrolyte solution is made by adding a small amount of NaOH to water and stirring. When dissolved you pour it in. This can easily last you a year. After adding the initial electrolyte solution, you simply add distilled water and replace the water in the external containers periodically. That is pretty much it though our manual goes into a lot more detail.

People see results fast

Everyone is different but I can already tell you numerous stories of how our clients see some immediate benefits. The more issues you have the more you are are out of balance and the quicker oxyhydrogen can bring you back into balance. The most immediate effects revolve around more energy, better sleep, faster recovery from exercise and minor aches and pains start to fade away.

New benefits appear even after months

Many H2Gensys users continue to see new benefits that manifest months later even. It seems once your body has excess energy and no longer is in constant repair mode, it can start regenerative healing on a deeper level. Even old scars seem to fade away as well as age spots.

Easy to incorporate in daily routines and more important than coffee.
Myself, I find it easier to more consistently use the H2Genesys than take any vitamin or supplement. The H2Genesys oxyhydrogen gas (HHO) has since replaced all of my supplements I was previously taking.

I still enjoy a morning cup of coffee but if I had to choose between my H2Genesys or coffee the H2Genesys would win hands down. You get a boost while inhaling HHO and it’s easy to use while sitting at a desk, lying down to rest after being exhausted from any other situation. I have gotten to the point where I have been sleeping all night while breathing the HHO and having deep revitalizing sleep and lots of dreams.

If anything I find clients do not want to miss a day of using their H2Genesys or often buy a second unit to keep one at the bedside and one at their desk. Some have even bought extra units for friends and family to help with a health condition.

It’s also worth noting that people using it for months or years say they feel they reverse age 1 year for every month of use.

Look forward to the future

There is so much BS health stuff out there it drives me crazy. I have tried enough to give up hope until I tried and felt the difference HHO has made for me. I love to hear our clients feedback and how excited they are to see positive changes in themselves.

Oxyhydrogen also triggers mild exercise like effects in your body so it’s no surprise after just a few weeks, some clients lose extra weight and even gain muscle. Imagine being able to sleep deeply and wake up refreshed and revitalized. No more needing naps during the day or feeling tired.

Imagine those small aching pains slowly fading away. The use of molecular hydrogen has real studies showing how is benefits nearly every health condition so it’s no surprise no matter what you issue is, your body will be able to heal itself like never before

Imagine already being in great health and adding 4%+ to your athletic performance like top elite athletes have done. No matter where you are in your present state of health, the H2Genesys is guaranteed to take you to the next level.

You have my personal guarantee. If you do not see or feel the benefits. Please send it back for a full refund.

Science is on our side.

A simple google search on “molecular hydrogen” shows an enormous amount of research and science.

With more positive research studies coming out near weekly now on molecular hydrogen and more doctors starting to recommend it, it’s just a matter of time until everyone makes molecular hydrogen part of their daily lives.

Asian hospitals are incorporating it into their healing protocols and hydrogen spas are becoming commonplace but these are sold as expensive specialty treatments.

For the first time ever, we here as scientists and engineers are able to bring you the most affordable hydrogen therapies at a fraction of the price to use in the convenience of your home. The H2Genesys HHO was created for this reason. The H2Genesys HHO is a safe, effective and affordable system for delivering Oxyhydrogen in various ways to suit an individuals needs.

Overview of H2Genesys HHO Benefits

  • Heal multiple health conditions
  • Feel better with more energy from day one
  • Better deeper sleep and more dreams
  • Mentally more focused and more productive
  • Overall feeling of wellbeing
  • Better performance and recovery
  • Body becomes more efficient
  • Overall balance and homeostasis for optimal health
  • Quick results combined with being easy to use means you use more often accelerating progress and results

Well known doctors with followings are jumping on board with Hydrogen

I am starting to see more natural doctors with a big online presence and name brand promoting molecular hydrogen supplements.  They are mostly pushing magnesium hydrogen tablets because they can easily jump on the hydrogen bandwagon by just adding another consumable product to their stores. One of the most well known is Dr Mercola.   Other names you might recognize are Dr. Gundry, Dr. Christopher Shade, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, and Dr Keith.  The point here is that molecular hydrogen is becoming mainstream.  It should only be a matter of time before everyone is using a molecular hydrogen supplement or even better,  An oxyhydrogen machine like the H2Genesys.

What does the competition charge and what does the H2Genesys HHO cost?

For people on a budget this is the most exciting part. If you search around at all, you will find other similar Hydrogen & Oxyhydrogen systems start at $2500 on the low end with some costing as much as $8000 plus!

Now consider the fact that the H2Genesys HHO comes with the power and accessories for 2 people to breathe a therapeutic dose of molecular hydrogen simultaneously. Plus more usability features!  

If you bought from at the lowest price and wanted the ability for both you and your partner to relax breathing HHO at the same time they would expect you to buy 2 machines at $2500 x 2 for double use could be considered a $5000 value!

But The H2Gensys HHO provides the same benefits and more for a fraction of the price. The H2Genesys HHO has more features and value than you would get spending $5000 with another competitor

H2Genesys HHO Now Only:  $2495

Ask about any discounts and rebates that might be available

I can assure you this price will not stay so low forever. We are constantly making improvements to the H2Genesys while word of mouth demand keeps going up. This combination does not create a lower future price. I’ve been fighting to keep the price low as others tell me we could sell it for even more. We’ve just recently launched this website and soon some advertising to get the word out.  Once our small shop reaches capacity, we’ll have no choice but to start increasing prices.  The plan never was to build a huge business. Instead the goal has been to bring awareness and hydrogen health to others while staying small so we can be sure to provide great service.

Others have sketchy disclaimers.

Looking at other molecular hydrogen generating machines, I see they have disclaimers that say “Can not be returned if used” .  That does not sound reassuring.  

Most any type of product you buy online nowadays comes with at least a 30 day money back guarantee. Why can’t other molecular hydrogen generator manufacturers do the same? It makes you wonder.  Do they trust their product? Some would even have you buy an expensive extended warranty.  To the contrary…

The H2Genesys comes with an Incredible Satisfaction Guarantee. Plus Free Parts & Service if anything happens to go wrong!

H2Genesys has The Best Customer Support

Other companies only provide email support, we provide live chat support. We find this helps so clients can re-read history for details they might forget when talking on the phone. Worse case, call our toll-free number too if you can not do a live chat. We want you to feel the benefits of the H2Genesys and part of that is making sure you are up and running and are comfortable using it.

What is the total value? What’s it really worth?

What is your health worth? What is the health of your family worth? Read some of our testimonials how the H2Genesys helped in cases of emergencies.


Your no risk cost to give it a try only $2495

Our satisfaction guarantee assures you we stand behind our product

Your Satisfaction is our #1 Priority


 We want to make sure you are happy and have the time to feel the benefits of the H2Genesys. We will jump through hoops to make sure you are satisfied. If anything goes wrong at all or something breaks, we will quickly send out replacement parts and help answer any questions you have. It’s not about the money, as long as we have the capacity we want as many people as possible to realize the potential of Oxyhydrogen and share it with others.

 We offer good communication, fast service and support.  In our experience any issues are quickly resolved. 

Time to take your health to a new level and revitalize your life. Why settle for less.

Don’t wait another year. As they say, “you are not getting any younger”. Don’t let any current health issues get worse or have another creep up on you. Start now and get your body healing, energized and feel young again.

Keep your body functioning at peak performance with your own Oxyhydrogen Generator

Remember, I honestly believe what we have created with the H2Genesys is the perfect balance of benefits, features and simplicity that results in the most functional health changing hydrogen generator at a most affordable price.


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